Read an excerpt from Muffin (House of Assignation Series) Part 1


When school let out, I walked across the busy four lane road to get to McNichols Road. I had thought up a story to tell my uncle when I got home to explain how late it was when I arrived. There were numerous fast food restaurants on McNichols, and if I got lucky and was hired, I wouldn’t be that far from home. I hadn’t decided how I was going to hide getting a job from my uncle, but I was mentally working on it.

By the time I got home, it was seven-fifteen in the evening. Even though I knew Pumpkin didn’t really care about me, I knew he would still give me a hard time about the time of night I was coming in.

To my surprise, the house was dark and quiet when I opened the side door that led to the kitchen. Tired from walking to several different restaurants filling out applications, I hung up my coat on the hook by the back door and retrieved my back pack from the floor where I had dropped it and headed for the kitchen. I flipped the light switch on in the kitchen and stumbled backwards when I saw my uncle sitting in a kitchen chair with a belt in his hand.

“Hi, Uncle Pumpkin, what’s up?” I said, looking nervously at the belt he held. Pumpkin had never hit me before, but as the money began to run out, he became meaner and meaner. He began yelling at me for small things like not replacing toilet paper in the bathroom, even when he knew that we were all out. I could have bought some toilet paper at the dollar store, but then he would want to know where I got the money from.

“You think I’m stupid, don’t you, Muffin?” he began. “Every night you come home later and later. When you do come straight home from school, you try to get back out. I should have known that your fast ass would go boy crazy as soon as my mama died. It’s hard enough to keep up with you, but I’ll be damned if you think you’re going to bring home a baby.”

Fear gripped me when he stood and tightened his hands around the leather belt.

My grandmother never hit or spanked me, so I wasn’t used to being hit. My mind was racing a hundred miles a second, trying to think of something to say so that he wouldn’t hit me with the belt. I had intended to keep my job search a secret, but I didn’t want my uncle beating on me either. My seventeen-year-old mind quickly reasoned that if I told him about my job search he would understand since it was his suggestion that I find a job in the first place.

“I haven’t been with a boy or anything. I went looking for a job. Remember yesterday you told me I needed to find one,” I told him.

I slung my book bag on the floor and pulled out the business card the manager at Burger King gave me and held it out for him to see.

Without warning, the belt whipped through the air and struck me on my back and left shoulder. The sting of it caught me off guard, causing me to fall back against the sink. When I saw his arm go up again, I threw my hands up to block the next blow. When the belt struck my arm, a large welt rose on my skin.

“I don’t give a fuck where you went. You better have your ass in my house before it gets dark. Do you hear me?” Pumpkin said angrily.

“Yes, I hear you,” I said in a trembling voice.

“When you start working, I want a copy of the schedule and every dime you make is to go on bills around here, too. Your days of staying in my house for free are over.”

I only needed to make it until August. Then I would be on my way to college, and my uncle wouldn’t be able to keep telling me how lucky I was that he was willing to let me stay in his mother’s house nor would he be able to beat on me.

I wanted to remind him that since my mother wasn’t dead, she was part owner, too, which gave me a right to stay there as well. I kept my thoughts to myself though because it would only make things worse.

I really didn’t know my uncle, and all I wanted was for us to get along with each other long enough for me to finish high school, and then I would be out of there.

I hadn’t seen much of my uncle while I was growing up. When Nana was alive, he would stop by and borrow money from her, but he never interacted with me. In fact, he usually ignored me. Even when I would say hello, he would turn his head and act like he didn’t hear or see me. I had never done anything to him, but he just seemed to not like me. That’s why I was surprised and suspicious when he offered to look after me when Nana died.

He acted like he was so fond of me when Aunt Mattie or any other family members were around, but as soon as they left, he cursed at me and told me to take my ass somewhere.

I knew Pumpkin was a no good drunk because Nana told me herself, which was why I never told him that I received a social security check from my father’s death. When Nana died, I knew right away that I was going to need “mad money.” Mad money was what Nana called the money every woman should have saved just in case she got mad and wanted to leave. It was obvious to me that I could only put up with my uncle for so long before I was going to get mad and want to leave.

Aunt Mattie knew it, too, and she agreed with my idea to not tell Pumpkin about my social security check. My check was only three hundred and eighty-two dollars a month, and I was saving as much of it as I could for college expenses. I only spent small amounts on food and toiletries when necessary.

Two weeks earlier, I found a stack of mail thrown on the side of the couch. I took all of it upstairs to my room and sorted it all out even though some of it was wet from a wasted beer. I found notices from the light and gas company that my uncle hadn’t paid since he had arrived. The last payment the utility company received was three months prior when I paid them with the money I got from donations at Nana’s funeral. The only reason I paid the bill then was because Pumpkin said he would give me back the money if I did. I waited two weeks and then asked him for my money. He started cursing at me and telling me that if I asked him again I could get out of his house. It wouldn’t be long before the utilities would be shut off, and I still wouldn’t have anywhere to live.

It was obvious I wasn’t going to make it until the school year was over.

I watched Uncle Pumpkin walk out of the kitchen with a cocky swagger. I could tell he was proud of himself. If I had any doubts he cared about me, they had all just been removed.

I gathered my things and headed to my room. I needed to sit still and figure out what my next move was going to be.


REMY (The Brotherhood Files) by Isaiyan Morrison

Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Date Published: March 6th, 2018
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For Deamhan, revenge is the best dish of all.
In 1840s Paris, vampires aren’t just at the throats of humans. Split into two warring factions, Dorvo vampires wage war against the Deamhan, their paranormal cousins created by dark magic and who feed on the psychic energy of their human victims. In this strange new world, Remy, a bourgeoisie, is sired as a Deamhan by Julian. But the intoxicating rush of becoming a powerful psychic vampire is soon eclipsed by the presence of Ruby, a beautiful yet elusive Dorvo vampire.
Betrayed by his own, Ruby feeds his undesirable urge to have his revenge against Julian and the rest of the Deamhan. But he doesn’t know if he can trust Ruby. She may have given him his freedom, but she’s still the enemy who has vowed to vanquish the Deamhan, the very same Deamhan that betrayed him. Now it’s up to Remy to decide who to trust — and who to destroy.
In Remy, The Brotherhood Files, author Isaiyan Morrison presents a paranormal urban fantasy about fractured relationships, mistrust, and forgiveness. Here in the City of Love, it’s anything but, as Remy’s caught between two warring sides who both want him gone. Will his desire for revenge cloud his judgment? Or will he figure out who he can trust once and for all? In this wild journey from the graveyard and through the dark alleys and cobblestoned streets of Paris, Remy is both hunter…and prey.



Exactly at that moment, a citrus scent swam across the bridge of my nose. My ears perked up and my eyes darkened instantly. “What is that?” The scent made me pick up speed while I tried to find exactly where it was coming from. “It isn’t like anything I’ve smelled before!” Interested, I also scoured the cemetery around us. I stepped over toppled headstones, trampled over graves, some old and some fresh. I even searched the trees, thinking I would find the source up, somewhere high.

“There! Do you see her?” He pointed off into the distance.

I did see the person who caught his eye and whose scent tickled our nostrils. It was a woman with long, wavy, dark hair extending to her waist, dressed in a long dark dress, suitable for those attending funerals. She held a small, black, matching parasol which partially covered her face.

Oh, how bad I wanted her! How bad I wanted to feed from her. She smelled so good, it almost made me lose control of my actions!

“Go!” Pruett whispered. “Take her!”

And so, I did. I ran faster than I ran before at her. I thought I was quick enough and could get to her before she realized what was going on. Instead, she looked over her shoulder. She had big beautiful eyes and thin lips. Distracted by her scent, I failed to notice a brightness emanating from her hand.

A blast of light struck me square in the chest. It tossed me back, in midair, and I landed just a few feet from Pruett, who laughed obnoxiously. I blinked to stop the world from spinning and my chest felt as if it was on fire.

The woman didn’t speak, nor did she follow up on her attack. Instead, she gripped her parasol before yelling, “Stay away from me, Deamhan!” and calmly walked away.

“Oh! I didn’t think you’d actually go after her!” Pruett laughed aloud at my expense.

Feeling like a doltz, I stood and wiped the dirt from my clothing. “What was that?” Annoyed, I gripped my chest in pain. “Did you know she would do that?” I turned back and watched the mysterious woman until the darkness of the cemetery swallowed her outline.

“I wanted to see if she was really one of them,” he replied. “And now, I have my proof.”

“She could’ve killed me!”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“And what if she did?” I raised my voice at him. “How would you explain my death to Julian?”

“Don’t be so upset, Remy.”

I glanced at my shirt and noticed the blast had burned the cotton away, revealing my bare chest. “Is she a witch? Is she a demon?”

“Oh, we’re the demons,” he corrected me. “And no, she isn’t a witch. She is just one of many who have access to dark magic, like we do.” He winked at me. “Do you want her?”



About the Author
A veteran of the Armed Forces, Isaiyan Morrison was born and raised in Minneapolis.
Her passions include writing, reading, and researching historical events.
She also spends her time gardening, playing video games, and hanging out with her three cats and beloved pitt bull.
She’s the author of The Deamhan Chronicles and the novel, Old Farmer’s Road.
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Science Fiction / Thriller
Date Published: February 9, 2018
Publisher: SF Productions
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For Hayden Cross, a military investigator in the far future, whether his wife faked her death is the question that is probably going to get him killed. Having lost the only job that kept him sane, he has few resources and fewer leads. Oh, and a sadistic crime lord really wants to kill him.
As he fights through an underworld of fanatical rebels, callous bounty hunters, and corrupt cops, each step takes him closer to the truth about his wife’s fate and the oppressive government he once loyally served. On the way he may even liberate a planet and stop a war … but only if he betrays everyone he loves.
About the Author

T. Eric Bakutis is an author and game designer based in Maryland. He is happily married and shares his house with a vicious, predatory cat and a sad-faced, cowardly dog. He’s been working as a professional videogame developer for over eight years. His first fantasy trilogy, Tales of the Five Provinces, is now complete, and his first science fiction novel, Supremacy’s Shadow, is due in February 2018.
In his spare time, Eric hikes with his lovely wife, little girl, and crazy dog, spends time in VRChat exploring the metaverse, and participates in local events like the Baltimore Science Fiction Society Critique Circle. His first novel, Glyphbinder, was a finalist for the 2014 Compton Crook Award, and his short fiction has appeared in several magazines and anthologies.
You can read his free cyberpunk police procedural, Loose Circuit, at
Book Excerpt

Supremacy’s Shadow

 Hayden’s door chimed recognized access, which didn’t make sense. Had his new landlord come by with more paperwork? The door rattled open.

Hayden spotted a rifle tip. Then he threw himself behind the black pre-furnished couch. Then someone started shooting at him.

Just another day in Star’s Landing.

A knockout round whizzed over his head and splattered blue gel across the floor-length window. Another buried itself in the couch, buzzing like an angry insect. Hayden’s pistol sat on his bed, entirely out of reach, but the knockout rounds told him something interesting. His attackers wanted him alive.

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January in Atlantis
Alyssa Day
Publication date: January 16th 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance

When Poseidon’s elite warriors gear up to train a new generation of fighters, they have no idea that Atlantean Queen Riley has secretly taken on a new role: Matchmaker. By the end of the year, she plans to find soul mates for all twelve of Atlantis’s fiercest warriors . . .

. . . whether they like it or not.

Twelve all-new adventures in the hotly anticipated world of Poseidon’s Warriors, coming once a month from New York Times bestselling author Alyssa Day. These books are sexy, romantic, and wickedly addictive —welcome to 2018! And welcome to:

A Year in Atlantis

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Author Bio:

Alyssa Day is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than forty novels filled with kissing, laughter, mystery and magic. Alyssa’s paranormal series include the Poseidon’s Warriors and Cardinal Witches paranormal romances and the Tiger’s Eye Mysteries paranormal mysteries. Her many awards include Romance Writers of America’s prestigious RITA award for outstanding romance fiction, and the RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Paranormal Romance novel of 2012. Her books have been translated into a zillion languages, but she’s still holding out for Klingon.

You can hang out with her on Facebook and Twitter where she talks about her rescue dogs and her future pug ranch, and her blog, where she talks openly about her struggles with depression and hosts Mental Health Check In Fridays (

She currently lives somewhere near an ocean with her Navy Guy husband, two kids, and any number of rescue dogs.

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Paranormal Romance/New Adult
Date Published: 2/2/18
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
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Mia is finally getting what she’s always wanted—the chance to be off on her own at college. Her own apartment, sexy college guys, and, most importantly, no more pride rules to follow. At least not until after graduation, when she’ll return home and marry the mate her father, the alpha, chooses for her. Until then, Mia is determined to enjoy her freedom to the fullest. And when Tristan comes along, she knows she’s met the perfect fling.
It’s Tristan’s last year at Mountain Ridge University. He’s ready for some smooth sailing, including no girl drama. As a jaguar shifter, he’s not interested in a relationship, and certainly not a mate. Mia is the answer to what he’s looking for—playful, sassy, and seeking a bit of no- strings-attached fun.
But is there more to their relationship than either of them is willing to admit?
Mia padded softly along the rocky, moonlit trail. Her cat eyes were well-adjusted to the darkness, and she carefully took in all of her surroundings. The large, craggy boulders and tall saguaro cacti loomed high above her in the canyon, and the sounds of small animals rustling in the bushes called to the hunter in her. Mmm. Yum. She’d love to do some hunting…but it would have to wait for another time. For now, she had something a little tastier in mind.
Her paws barely made a sound as she traveled down the path. She stepped delicately around a particularly spiky plant—she’d learned the hard way a few nights ago when she’d had to end her run early due to a pawful of cactus stickers. On high alert, she scanned the trail for other prickly invaders.
She nimbly jumped onto a large boulder and sat back on her haunches. She sniffed the air. Her whiskers twitched. The smells of the desert filled her nostrils—pungent and crisp, scents of earth and life. Mia was learning to love the way the desert smelled after a rain.
It also smelled of him. Mia had picked up his scent several minutes ago, and she knew he was close. But where was he? He had suggested they meet on this trail, and, now, he wanted to play hard to get. That damn sneaky cat.
It was a good thing she wanted to play, too. She didn’t even care why he had been so pissed off earlier—she just wanted to see him. To touch him. To taste him. She’d gone off to college to have fun, and she sure as hell was determined to do so. She wanted to forget about Asher, Rob, and most of all, her father’s meddling in things that didn’t concern him. Tonight, amidst the wide- open spaces of the canyon and the cool night air, she was going to do whatever the hell she pleased.
She scanned the canyon walls. A flicker of movement on a rocky ledge nearby caught her attention. A flick of a tail. The soft glint of moonlight reflecting off keen, predatory eyes. Tristan. He knew she saw him, and he inched slowly out of the shadows, his belly low to the ground. A low rumble emanated from deep within his chest.
He walked out to the edge of the outcropping. The strength of his jaguar emanated from him, his sleek spotted body accentuated with powerful shoulders and legs. He was the biggest feline shifter she’d ever seen. The rumbling purr in his chest turned into a fierce roar, vibrating across the canyon walls.
Oh, yes. A shudder went down Mia’s spine, electrifying all the nerves in her body. She wanted nothing more than to rub herself all over him. She purred, her insides turning into delightfully liquid goo as she thought about how his beautiful fur would feel against hers. His gaze penetrated her, ready to devour her. He was the predator…and she was his prey tonight.
Oh, yeah? Well, you can come and get it, then, big boy. You wanted to run tonight, so we’ll run.
Mia rose, standing strong on her lean, powerful legs. She belted out the loudest roar she could muster. Then she turned on her heels and bolted down the path.
She had no problem with the jaguar devouring every inch of her body tonight. But he’d have to catch her, first.
About the Author

Misty Malloy’s obsession with hair bands started in the 80’s. When she’s not listening to Guns N’ Roses or writing, you can find her wrangling dogs at the animal shelter, doing Zumba, or having brunch. She loves wine, cheese, happy hour with both wine AND cheese (of course!), sexy historical movies, and alpha males. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, with her husband and their dire wolf dog.
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Total Exposure by J.A. Huss


Total Exposure
J.A. Huss
Game #1)
Publication date: January 16th 2018
Genres: Adult, Romance,Suspense

Not everyone needs a master.
Not everyone needs to really live, either.
Some people are content to be a participant in the game of life.
Others want to play for real.
If you want to play for real, come to me, lovely.
I’ll give you that little push you need.
I’ll open your mind, and your world, and soul.
Lay you bare. Let you feel the heat of my stare.
Take you places you’ve never been before.
Your body is my chessboard, sweets.
And if you give in to me, and you play, you might even win.

It’s just… your prize might not be what you went looking for.

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“What the fuck are you wearing?” Jordan says, eyeing my leathers.

“What every goddamned biker wears,” I snap. He’s wearing a goddamned suit that
looks like it costs as much as that car I left back at Rachel’s sister’s house.

“You rode your bike down here?”

“Long. Story.” I close my eyes to signal that I’m not in the mood to tell said story, and
he takes the hint. Because he knows me just as well as I know him. “Why the hell am I

He stares at me. Looks me up and down. A whole scenario flashes in my mind in
the time it takes him to reach down to pick something up off his desk, where he says,
I found her. Or, She found me. Or, You wanna go to
dinner with us? Because we’ve got reservations at the Grant
. And he means her
and him, as in the whole thing about us that made us an us in the first place.

But of course, he doesn’t say anything like that. He says, “Here’s the job,” waving a
large yellow envelope, handing it to me. “Everything’s in there. Just…” He sighs and
pinches the space between his eyes—stupid fucking Jordan gesture—like I’m the one
on his last nerve, and not the other way around. “Just do it, OK? And be super fucking
discreet. This is all anonymous. You do not show your face. You do not make any sort of
contact. It’s strictly surveillance. Got it?”

I rip the envelope open and take a peek. Two keys, two bound stacks of hundreddollar
bills, which should be twenty thousand dollars, and some paperwork. “Is it legal?”
I ask, taking out the stack of papers.

It’s a dossier—female. Mid-twenties. Dark hair and gray eyes—for one Evangeline

“Of course it’s legal. Why does everybody always ask me that? I’m a goddamned
lawyer, everything I do is legal.”

“Yeah.” I laugh, reading the woman’s short bio on the top page. “You’re a
goddamned lawyer, all right. Why does this name sound familiar?”

Jordan eyes me, waiting to see if I’ll take that first comment any further, and decides
I won’t—and he’s right. Because after the morning I’ve had, I can’t think of a single
reason I need to rehash the past too. “She was famous once upon a time.”

“Child prodigy,” I say slowly, reading her bio at the same time. “Yeah, I remember
this chick. She was all over the TV when she was a kid.”

“Right. And then she wasn’t. It’s your job to watch her. That’s it. Just watch her. You
got it?”

“Watch her do what?” I ask, flipping through the pictures.

“Just… everything. Nothing specific.”

Why am I watching her? Someone after her or something?”

“You don’t need to know why. You just need to take that money, buy the fucking
equipment, go to that address, put up the fucking cameras, and then when she gets
there, you watch her.”

“So I’m spying on her and she doesn’t know it?” My laugh is loud. Because…
“That’s some creepy shit, dude.”

Jordan sucks in a breath of air. It’s cautious, that inhale. It’s long too. And it’s filled
with all the things that we left unsaid between us after college. “She knows,” Jordan
finally says. Carefully. Like he’s picking his way through a minefield. “Just… just fucking
do what I tell you. You’ve got a week to get set up and then a few weeks of surveillance,
tops. Then I’ll pay you.”

“I don’t need the money, asshole. You know that’s not why I’m here.”

I hear the unasked question. He hears it too. Then why are you

But he knows why.

HussAuthor Bio:

JA Huss is the USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She
likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic
human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes
who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever
After ending.

You can chat with her on Facebook (, Twitter
(@jahuss), and her blog, New Adult Addiction (

If you’re interested in getting your hands on an advanced release copy of her
upcoming books, sneak peek teasers, or information on her upcoming personal
appearances, you can join her newsletter list ( and get those
details delivered right to your inbox.

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