Call for Submissions




Now accepting submissions for the anthology “Slip and Slide.” 


***February 22, 2013 with an expected publication date of  May 15, 2013.***

             This anthology will consist of erotic stories with the main character having a sexual encounter with the last person in the world they would have ever imagined  just prior to life changing move away from home (example:prison, military, moving to a different state, country, etc) . No cliffhangers and the main character must have had some sort of relationship with that person prior to this encounter.

v  Submission should be at least 10,000 words or more.

v  The Submission must tell a story with a believable plot, including a beginning, middle and end.

v  All forms of sex play are acceptable, but no BDSM, bestiality, or use of bodily fluids.

v  The submission you send to She Really Said It must be your own. You cannot submit the work of others.

v  By submitting to She Really Said it, you give us your permission to publish your item both online for the anthology you are submitting for as well as possible print anthologies. Print anthologies may be printed and/or digital (eBook).

v  No anonymous submissions are allowed. Pen names are acceptable though.

v  An e-mail address must accompany all work so that we may get in touch with you if the need arises. Your email will not be shared with any third parties; it is merely used to communicate with you regarding your submissions.

v  Please proofread your submission thoroughly and spell-check.

v  Please include a brief bio with your submission written in third person. Bios should be under 200 words.


  • Writers of selected essays will each receive one copy of the book along with an honorarium of $100.00, to be paid upon publishing. Other benefits of submission include the chance to see your story in print and the promotion of other writing projects. The anthology will list our contributing authors, and affords you an opportunity to promote yourself and writing. We will provide links to your blog or website, and if you have a book on Amazon or another publisher, we can link to that as well. Please included book covers for inclusion. Submission of work does not guarantee use or publication.

Regarding Editing

  • All essays that are selected for publication will be thoroughly edited for grammar, spelling, and punctuation. We may make minor modifications for clarity. We will send your edited essay back to you for final approval prior to publishing.

Terms and Agreements

  • Submissions may not be published in their entirety anywhere else for two year after anthology publishing date. If you wish to publish a blurb or teaser on your website to entice people over to your published work that is fine.

Forward all submissions to for consideration.

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