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Muffin (House of Assignation Series)


Muffin Taylor’s world comes tumbling down when her grandmother dies just before her seventeenth birthday. Her mother is in jail and her father is dead, leaving her with an uncle she really doesn’t know to take care of her. Muffin is a bright girl who works hard to fulfill her dreams, but life keeps throwing her punches until the man of her dreams swoops in and promises to make it all better. Will he change her life for the better or will the curve balls keep coming?

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scan0001[1]Kimmie Thomas is a native Detroiter.  She is a  writer, teacher, mother, and wife.  Her first love has always been reading and writing.  She has been motivated by writer such as Donald Goines, Maya Angelou, Zane and E. Lynn Harris. Kimmie has worked as a psychiatric nurse for more than 10 years. She uses her vast knowledge of mental health to make her characters real for her readers.