Book Review for “Unlawful Escort” by Krystal Morrison

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When a chance encounter results in Sebastian Bradley propositioning an escort to pose as his girlfriend for four months; it’s just another business arrangement. Successful and worldly; Sebastian’s a feminine magnate, but none has rattled him like Paige Sinclair. Spirited and beautiful; Paige is nothing like he’d expected, regardless, he wants her. Cynical by nature; he’s convinced that her air of innocence is a ploy to disarm him and he treats her with indifference. But her infectious warmth proves irresistible and he soon discovers that her radiance maybe exactly what his darkened existence needs…
Paige knows her life will never be the same the moment she signs on the dotted lines but she desperately needs the money to pay for her brother’s transplant surgery. Formidable yet drop-dead-magnificent; Sebastian’s very presence ignites a fire inside her that’s startling. Torn between loathing at his crude insults and the sizzling attraction they share; she eventually caverns to his wickedly erotic fancies. And she soon realizes that beneath the brusque exterior lurks a brilliant, generous soul hardened by the misfortunes of his detached life…
And Sebastian is about to unearth a secret that might shatter everything she holds dear.

Book Review:

This is the story a young women who took on adult responsibilities very early in life, but when the rich and handsome Sebastian Bradley makes a proposition that will fix all of her financial woes her life spirals out of control. Her younger brother is ill and she needs money to pay for his care. She just needs to move in with Sebastian and be his  girlfriend for a few months. The big problem is she has lied about who she is and what she does and now she may have to pay the piper. This story is full of surprise and hot steamy sex scenes. Which is just my kind of story.

The characters are well developed, but at times it was hard to figure out who was talking because some of the character’s names are so similar. The speed of the story is just right as it keeps you turning the page, but the story would have flowed a lot better if the writer had used fewer complicated words. At times I felt I need a dictionary.

I gave this novel four stars, because it was a good story overall and worth the read.

4 stars

To purchase a copy click here.

This book was given free for review.


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