Order of the Dimensions-Book Review

coverWell, I’m back and here is my first review of the year. I will be rolling them out one after the other for the next couple of weeks so that I can catch up. I’m hitting 2013 hard!!

Order of the Dimensions is the story of Jane Kremowski, a physics graduate student who works with her professor on a project that has created an algorithm that will take people to other dimensions. Each dimension has different lives and outcomes for the various characters in the book. Some one is trying to use the device with evil intentions and Jane and her colleagues must work together to save the world. Each time they think they have fixed the problem, the villain manages to do it again in another dimension.

The thing I liked about the book was that it reminded me of one of the old sci-fi movies with a lot of action and hero’s who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of others. The cover was interesting but not overly creative and I would have liked a more descriptive synopsis.While I love sci-fi, this one was a slow read for me. I found myself with a lot of questions about how these people were visiting other dimensions and never running into themselves. When I finished this book I had more questions than I had answers.

This book is available in book format only. Click here to purchase your copy.

I gave this book three stars. It was a quick read and it was decent sci fi, but it could have been more interesting and less technical.


This book was given free for review.


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