What Did She Really Say??

scan0001[1]Well, 2013 has arrived and I was pleasantly surprised that from August 2012 until December 2012 I managed to read and review 13 books on my blog. I actually read substantially more, but the others were for my personal pleasure.

My goal for 2013 is to review at least 60 books and post them on my blog. I have truly enjoyed the opportunity to read my fellow authors work. I have endeavored to be as honest as I can possible be without being mean or hurtful.

My goal for She Really Said It was to help fellow authors get reviewed and provided information and motivation for Indie authors like myself. It can be hard to keep writing when other people tell you that your work is poor or needs work, but it is how the game goes. Don’t hate the game, learn the rules. I am studying hard.

Generally, if I can’t rate a book well (at least three stars), I have reframed from posting it on my blog. I reviewed this method over the holidays and have decided to continue with the rule. So with that said, I am opening up for submissions again.

I am caught up on my reading and will be posting numerous reviews for the next three weeks. With that said hit me with your best shot so I can go ahead and Really Say It!!



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