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Even though no one wants a negtive review, but it will happen. Not everyone will like your work. Here is a little light for the dark tunnel. – 5 Reasons You WANT Negative Reviews.


Interview with Etta King Author of Life and Times of the Heir and the Keeper


Today we are talking to Etta King the author of “The Life and Times of the Heir and the Keeper.”

Tell us about your book The Life and Times of the Heir and the Keeper?

Well it’s a story set to finish up what stated off as a turbulent first semester for Judith, Elizabeth, Jonathan, and a few other characters who I describe in this book’s “Roll Call.” There’s resolution to a few hanging moments, but new characters emerge and add their own bits of drama to the web of the story. I particularly enjoyed writing Francis’s story here, because he adds something voyeuristic to the story. He’s very much “Manhattan,” in his search for the next fun thing.

In the book blurb it says“you better hope you’re not the collateral damage in someone else’s drama.” What did you mean by that?

Now this was meant as a reference to how connected the characters are; from Judith to Elizabeth, to Chad and Jonathan, to Francis and Louisa, and even Matt. All the characters have their own agendas and their decisions don’t only affect them, they affect other people. A particularly obvious example – no spoilers – would be how Jonathan’s issues with his uncles, his grandfather and his friends somehow affect Elizabeth, Judith and Chadwick, who hasn’t had as huge a role in the novels as of yet. The interconnected-ness is something I’ve found to be intrinsic of college; there seems to be less than three degrees of separation between everyone.

What gave you the innovation to write this particular story?

Well, I was inspired by my freshman year in college; it took me by surprise, how so much could happen in so little time. There were parallel stories in my year and that laid the foundation for the series and the way these books are being written. The first book, The Life and Times of Elizabeth and the Duchess, was written from the perspective of the girls in this series, Elizabeth and Judith. This book, The Life and Times of the Heir and the Keeper, is more so the guys’story. Jonathan and Francis get their time in the limelight and, if I do say so, they have as much drama as the girls. The entire series will chronicle their college experience, from start to finish, as each character grows or even stays the same. Once I had the idea, the story just kept building and my imagination basically ran wild. I enjoy writing about these characters; they are like old friends that I can come to at any time, and, even better, I discover new things about them each time.

Has your writing been inspired by friends/ family?

Oh yes! Little anecdotes from friends and family have somehow gotten into my stories, sometimes without my realizing it. It’s funny too, that even when I’m not thinking of anything specific, readers tend to find similarities with their own colleges or their own experiences. The fun part in that is that all ages could read my stories – and have so far – and still experience the same return to college, the same entertainment as anyone in college or high school. Continue reading

Literary Lounge Magazine Debut


It is finally here. My first published article is available to the public in the Literary Lounge Magazine. Check out my article on the Detroit Boss Ladies and give me your opinion.

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Win a free copy of My Husband’s Woman by Dee Dee M. Scott

She Really Said It is proud to present ,My Husband’s Woman by Dee Dee M. Scott. She is an author, Screenwriter, playwright, director, producer and publisher. Scott wrote, produced and directed, My Husband’s Woman-The Stage Play, which played for two shows at: The Town Theater on November 27, 2011 and toured South Carolina. Currently, Scott is producing and directing her first film Lake House, which she also wrote. It will be released to select theaters in the summer of 2013. Her magazine entitled “Optimistic” launched in December of 2012. The magazine focuses on celebrating life, and self-improvement.

Dee Dee M. Scott was born and raised in Florence, South Carolina. Scott worked as a first grade teacher before becoming a full time writer and the publisher at:  Ahsyad Publications.

Dee Dee is the CEO of A DDMS ENTERTAINMENT, where she runs: Ahsyad Publications, A Raw Productions, A DDMS Theater Production, and A D & D Films. She is also the founder of Joseph & Kathy Gregg’s Child, a nonprofit, which she named after her parents, who both passed away from cancer.  Through Joseph & Kathy Gregg’s child, some of the proceeds from her productions and books are donated to, American Cancer Society, and are also used in programs that teach theater to children, and teens. Scott is also the founder of ( AOTR) Authors On The Rise, an online blog and website dedicated to promoting authors and their books. 

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Order of the Dimensions-Book Review

coverWell, I’m back and here is my first review of the year. I will be rolling them out one after the other for the next couple of weeks so that I can catch up. I’m hitting 2013 hard!!

Order of the Dimensions is the story of Jane Kremowski, a physics graduate student who works with her professor on a project that has created an algorithm that will take people to other dimensions. Each dimension has different lives and outcomes for the various characters in the book. Some one is trying to use the device with evil intentions and Jane and her colleagues must work together to save the world. Each time they think they have fixed the problem, the villain manages to do it again in another dimension.

The thing I liked about the book was that it reminded me of one of the old sci-fi movies with a lot of action and hero’s who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of others. The cover was interesting but not overly creative and I would have liked a more descriptive synopsis.While I love sci-fi, this one was a slow read for me. I found myself with a lot of questions about how these people were visiting other dimensions and never running into themselves. When I finished this book I had more questions than I had answers.

This book is available in book format only. Click here to purchase your copy.

I gave this book three stars. It was a quick read and it was decent sci fi, but it could have been more interesting and less technical.


This book was given free for review.