2012 in Review

scan0001[1]This has been a trying year, yet quite rewarding. I managed to push out my second book, I started a review blog for new and indie writers and became a correspondent for an online magazine. Literary wise I have had a successful year, but personally I have faced some tragedies.

My belief is that God only gives you the strength to face what lies ahead of you and he only gives you what you can handle. I am still here to speak to his love and grace which proves my previous statement. With that said I would like to give those authors who honored me with the opportunity to read their literary works a second chance to shine. I was surprised and disappointed that I only completed 13 book reviews. Check them out below:





Khe_final coverhttp://wp.me/pZcZH-4i

Book Cover 05q-1http://wp.me/pZcZH-4F


Stripper cover for Smashwordshttp://wp.me/pZcZH-65


bulletproof picturehttp://wp.me/pZcZH-7A




young man passionately engaged in sex with young brunettehttp://wp.me/pZcZH-8Y


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