Escape by Kenya Wright Book Review

young man passionately engaged in sex with young brunetteEscape is a story about a woman name Brie, who is trying to escape the kingdom of a vampire king. He keeps a harem of woman who give birth to his children. These children will be come his army so that he can maintain control over his kingdom. Brie wants to escape the kingdom to return to her husband and children that she misses deeply.

Another woman named Octavia, who is considered a princess, helps her to escape the kingdom by taking her to a vampire tracker named Samuel. Samuel is reluctant to help her because his gut tells him something is wrong with the whole situation. Shortly after he agrees to help her, he discovers her true position as a Domina in the king’s court. Domina is the term used for the woman who are capable of conceiving and birthing vampire babies.

Samuel finds himself drawn to Brie for the same reason the vampire king is, her rare blood type. Wanting to keep Brie for himself, he reluctantly takes her back to her village to reunite her with her husband and children. The question remains, will she return to her life as wife and mother or will she chose to stay with Samuel.

This book is a page turner for sure. I love a good paranormal romance anyway and this one didn’t disappoint. The cover was appealing and added to the overall presentation of the book. The storyline was believable and well written. However this novella is a part of  a series. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I am unable to find any complaints with this book and must admit I would buy if it hadn’t been provided to me. So I have given it the rare five stars.

If paranormal romance is your thing, than you will definitely enjoy this one. This book is available in e-book format only. Click here for to purchase.


This book given free for review.


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