Baby Daddy by S. Newman Spenzer book review

Baby Daddy tells the story of a seventeen year old boy who gets a girl he barely knew pregnant and then finds himself in the child support system. Deshawn tries to hide this from his mother and deal with it on his own, but finds the hole he has dug for himself gets deeper and deeper. When tragedy strikes he is forced to face his responsibility on a level he never expected.

This book was a good description of what goes on within the court system when it comes to child support. This book furthers my belief that the system is not set up to help the child, but only to give the appearance that monies are changing hands on some level.

I must say that I thought this would be a very boring book, filled with complaints from a guy who was trying to duck his responsibilities. Instead it told of Deshawn’s journey to fatherhood. I loved that the author wrote this from a teenagers point of view with great success.  With each word you could feel the main characters pain.

I didn’t like how the book ended. We never find out what happened to Deshawn or his child. The book was also formated strangely  and the back of the book was blank. Although I enjoyed the story, the way the book is packaged was a turn off.

With all that being said I gave the book four stars. My ratings are always based on whether I would buy a book. The story was compelling and I would purchase it due to content, but the presentation would probably turn me off.

This book is available in ebook and paperback format by clicking here.

This book was give free for review.


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