Interview with Hannah D. Spivey, author of Ebony the Beloved

Today I have the pleasure of talking with Hannah D. Spivey, author of Ebony the Beloved.

Q.   Tell us about your book Ebony the Beloved.

A.  My book is about a young girl named Ebony who’s seen worst days than Satan.

Q.   In the blurb you talk about “Ebony still struggles to fight her way to the top, never fully realizing what her worth is.” What did you mean by that?

A. Well, Ebony has been knocked and kicked down by her “family” and peers so much that she begins believing that she isn’t worthy of anything. Fighting for love and acceptance is a struggle for her and even though she met a man who amassed wealth, his money alone could never buy her the genuine love she always craved.

Q.  What gave you the innovation to write this particular story?

A.  I love literature. So I wanted to write a book that many people can relate to. I wrote this book as way of being a voice to so many people who have been abused and are being abused as we speak. Also, I wrote this book because even though there are hundreds and thousands of books about abuse, I knew there could never be a book quite like this one.

Q.    Has your writing been inspired by friends/ family?

A.   My book has been inspired by some of my personal experiences as well as authors such as Mary Monroe, Carl Weber, and Kimberla Lawson Roby. All three of them are uniquely talented.

Q.    Can you give us one of your best excerpts?

A.   Sure,

“Ebony balled herself up in the fetal position. That was when Sharlette kicked her in the small of her back with her pointy toed Jimmy Choo pumps and barked, “Now what you whore?!” Sharlette’s knuckles were throbbing in pain and she mumbled obscenities under her breath while rubbing them.’‘ Desmond I’m about to go put my knuckles in some ice, thanks to that monkey ass cunt.” She said and sashay into the kitchen to nurse her knuckles back into good health. “Alright ma.” Said Desmond. Ebony was in so much pain she couldn’t move. He carried her wounded limp body all the way all the way outside to his shed. Once he got her into the shed, he greeted his two favorite kids: Ripper & Danger. They both got up and walked over to him whenever he called their name. They were breathing hard and waiting for their master to give them their order to devour Ebony into nothing, but to their disappointment, he rubbed their heads and caressed them like they were newborn babies.“Okay, listen up, daddy wants you to keep an eye on his disobedient bitch.  If she tries to run away, I want you to eat her ass alive. Understand?’’ He instructed. Both dogs nodded their heads and barked in unison. Ebony cried and moaned. She overheard everything he said and she knew he meant every last word. She stayed in that spot for two nights. She couldn’t do anything but think. She loathed herself for being so stupid for getting caught up with a man like Desmond. He didn’t always behave that way. She knew there had to be some way out of that prison, but until then the only thing she was left to do was ask herself, “why me?”

Q.   What are you working on now?

A.   I am currently working on my second novel entitled “The Bold and the Ugly Truth” – It will be a page turner like “Ebony the Beloved” but much more intense. (Smiling)

Q.   Have you written anything previously?

A.   Yes, I’ve penned three e-books called “Payback is a Son of a Bitch,” “Lloyd Tube (A Crazed Fan’s Revenge),” and “My Sherry Amor”. They’re all available on Kindle for $0.99.

Q.    Are there any chapters that were cut in the editing process you wish had made it into the book?

A.    No, because my book wasn’t published through a traditional publisher. It was published through a small press which allowed me to be truly expressive with my words.

Q.     Can you give us one fun fact we might not know about you?

A.     Lol, Besides being a talented writer, I’d like to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

Q.    Tell us something about the story itself or the writing process that you would like to share?

A.    The original title of the book was “She Shall Weep No More” and I had a different plot for the story, but I changed it when I began incorporating it in the computer.

Q.   How did you get into writing? Did you always want to become a writer?

A.   I believe I have always been a writer. It just took me years to tap into my inner-writer. I really didn’t get into writing until I began writing my first book. Before then, writing was just a hobby to me.

Q.    If you were stranded on a desert island, what are three material things you couldn’t be without?

A.   My phone, notebook, and pen.

Q.    What are you reading now?

A.   I’m not reading right now. I’m currently reading my next book as I write it (laughing)

Q.    Which author has inspired you most and why?

A.   “God Don’t Like Ugly” by Mary Monroe. I love Mary’s style of writing. And not only that, she’s very down to the earth and that is what makes me admire her the most. And I can’t forget about Lashonda Devaughn and Tamika Newhouse – they’re self-published and they’re both book peddlers and they’re also talented. Shout outs to all three of these amazing artists.

Q.     What advice would you give aspiring authors?

A.    Never let naysayers tell you otherwise and keep reaching for the gold.

Q.     As a Quotes Person I always like to ask  to finish off, do you have a quote or poem that has stuck with you over the years and what is the story behind it?

A.    I have a few in mind, but the one I’ll pick is “Discouraged People Will Discourage Others.”

Thank you Hannah D. Spivey for talking with me today.

Author Bio:

Hannah D. Spivey has always been an imaginative young girl since her early years  in middle school.  Like many young introverted girls, she experienced  bullying from her peers. She found comfort in being able to escape  through her writing and found it as a way of release. Fiction has always been her specialty and she invites readers into her world of fantasy,  realness, and rawness. Hannah has a way of influencing her readers and  emotions and making them expect the unexpected. She enjoys pushing the  grain and stroking her pen until it’s empty. By then, the story is  complete and is saturated with everything in a nutshell.

Ms. Spivey  was raised by her mother and father in South Florida and she has one  sister.  She obtained her Associate’s degree in Business Administration. She is a continuing ghost writer and freelance writer. Hannah is a  strong advocate against domestic violence and plans to continue  spreading the word against it through her novels, she is currently  working on her second novel called “The Bold and The Ugly Truth” and her fourth E-book “Perspectives”. In addition to her first novel “Ebony the Beloved”, Ms. Spivey has previously written and published three short  story e-books: “My Sherry Amor”, “Payback is an S.O.B” and “Lloyd Tube”.  Hannah’s favorite authors include: Tracy Brown, Carl Webster, Mary  Monroe, and Kimberla Lawson Roby.  She enjoys listening to R&B and  watching old television shows.  She is also an advocate for natural hair and natural beauty.

For more information on Hannah D. Spivey click here.


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