Bulletproof Love-Loyalty Before Betrayal by Daniell Harshaw

Bullet Proof Love, Loyalty Before Betrayal is a cautionary hood tale of two friends who rise to power after a snatch and grab robbery. The story goes on to tell how they give back to the community, have children and try to build an empire only to get caught by law enforcement. During their rise to power a turf war breaks out and rival drug dealers put a price on the heads of the two main characters. This drug war cost both side casualties and sparks the investigation into the M.O.E.T organization.

I like that the story show the reader that just because you have it all doesn’t mean you get to keep it. The story displays in black and white the toys that come with being in the drug game can come as fast as they go and cost you your freedom in the long run.

I didn’t like that the characters were your stereotypical gangsters or that the two main characters had female companions who seem to be slow on the uptake. This books needs some editing, but it didn’t take away from the readability of the book. I gave the book four stars but it could easily become a five-star book with some editing. I think that this new author has a lot of potential and with some editing this book could be phenomenal. I read it in a day and half, but I could have finished it the same day. I had to prepare for Thanksgiving company.

This story is available in ebook and paperback. Click here to purchase this novel.

This book given free for review.


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