Guess what I’m Reading-Bullet Proof Love Loyality Before Betrayal by Daniell Harshaw

This is a page turner. I can’t wait to see what happens and who’s going to die. What do you think the title Bullet Proof Love means?

Book Synopsis:

Frank and Mike were considered by Law Enforcement officers to be one of the most violent drug dealers in the city of Detroit. Detroit was the playing field that birthed the Urban Legends, Frank West and Mike Young.  It was estimated that their organization earned millions of dollars through three independent record labels.  The D.E.A. said that they were capable of distributing at least 50 kilos of cocaine on a monthly basis.  The indictment stated that they covered over ten major black cities including Chicago, Illinois and Cleveland, Ohio and so forth.  As a part of the department of justice, the F.B.I. agents investigated a wide variety of crimes dealing with the M.O.E.T Boys ranging from drug related murders to drug trafficking to money laundering.  They bought in an estimated net worth of $700,000 a month not including the business’s they purchased with drug money.  The M.O.E.T Boys drug empire was possibly the most in-depth drug organization ever to exist.  Government documents claim that Mike and Frank profited almost one million a week. They were being indicted in a string of violence that included at least nine murders.  Investigators described the M.O.E.T. Boys as one of the busiest and bloodiest of the drug traffic rings that plagued Detroit.

Author Bio:

Author Daniell “Lil Dan” Harshaw is an empowering, young author who was born on the east side of Detroit in April 1977.

He grew up in a middle class neighborhood that eventually became dilapidated over time due to drugs, guns, and violence.  By his late teens, Daniel faced the harsh realities of the inner city street life.   His run- ins with the law began in 1995 and eventually he received a lengthy prison sentence and served time in a Michigan Correctional Facility.

Daniel realized that life in the streets often reaped more negative outcomes that positive, he reconstructed his outlook on life while in prison and soon began writing.   He was strongly influenced by a man named OmarX who further encouraged him to utilize writing as a means of letting his emotions, thoughts, ideas, and life experiences shine through.  In addition, a book entitled “Crack Volume One,” written by Shaka further encouraged Daniell to keep writing and sharing his life experience with the world.

Over the years, Daniell’s passion and skills grew and are demonstrated through a variety of different writing styles.  His determination and willingness to learn and improve soon led to the publication of his first book, Bulletproof Love “Loyalty Before Betrayal” in 2010. This novel is an urban tale that focused on the reality of life in the streets. His second book Adonis “Ray’s Untold Story” was published in 2012. He has gone on to produce several other literary works that ultimately appealed to the urban community.

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Available in paperback and ebook format. Click here to get you own copy.


One thought on “Guess what I’m Reading-Bullet Proof Love Loyality Before Betrayal by Daniell Harshaw

  1. Shout out goes to Ms Kimmie Thomas Thank You so much for all you have done. Wish that there was more like you! I would encourage all to pick up your very own copy of Bulletproof Love “Loyalty Before Betrayal” To Learn that everything that looks good is not always good for you. Mike and Frank where two young men that learn that in the end!!! It is definately a must read. Also be on the look out for Adonis by Author Daniell Harshaw coming to the shelves veryyyy soooon! If you thought this was good wait till you read the next one. Happy Thanksgiving to all and be safe!

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