The Last Bad Job Book Review

The last bad job is a book about a reporter named…. Actually the book never did say what his name was, but he was on an assignment in the desert to cover the story of a life time. He is on a commune and decides it’s time to leave when someone dies. After he leaves the commune, a series of events send his world in a head spin. He meets strange people along the way that are pivotal in his decision making. By the end of the book the story finally comes full circle and you realize what the last bad job really is.

The story has some interesting characters that a reader can relate to, but falls short on the main character. The author gave the reader no description of him other than a view of his twisted psyche. He at least deserved a name. The main character tries to deal with some of his inner demons as the story goes a long, but by the end he just seems to settle for the cards that were dealt to him.

I gave this book three stars, because I found it hard to read. The sudden appearance of aliens and such were a bit disconcerting. Although the book could use some editing, it really didn’t detract from the story. By the end of the novel, I was disappointed that after all the hoopla about his inner demons, the main character decided to just live with life as it finally was. I guess I kept waiting tor the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow after all the grim and dim prior.

This story is available in ebook and paperback. Click here to purchase this novel.

This book given free for review.


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