Guess what I’m Reading-The Life of a Stripper

Ok, this one really caught my eye. So far it has held my attention and I have had several people try to talk me out of it just based on the title.

This book is much different than I thought it would be, but it is quite interesting. I’ve thought about taking a pole dancing class before and now I am even more interested in taking a class. Let’s see if I learning anything when I’m finished with this book.

Book Synopsis:

For 17 years (and counting), Romana Van Lissum has been a cocktail waitress in a popular Vancouver strip club. In between slinging brews and burgers, Romana decided to get some answers to the questions we all want to know about exotic dancers. As a fixture in the industry, Van Lissum has the unique position to capture the stories of three generations of strippers both working and retired in a candid, confessional style.

The stories range from drug addiction, sexual abuse, psycho boyfriends, crooked clubs, and prostitution to homelessness, porn, and hustling. Van Lissum has collected 50 true stories from BC’s top feature entertainers, from the heartbreaking to the glamorous; from the legendary to the comedic. The Life of a Stripper gives a vivid glimpse into the mystery of exotic dancers.

Welcome to the inside view of the world of exotic dancing. Get ready to find out the secrets, mechanics and drive behind the beautiful women that take their clothes off for a living.

This book is available in paperback and ebook. Check out the link below.


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