The Travel Auction by Mark Green-Book Review

After being dumped by his long time girlfriend, Jonathan Cork has to find someone else with the same name as his ex-girlfriend to go with him on a three month trip to South America. After sifting through hundreds of possible candidates named Kate Thornly, he finely finds the perfect one. But once they finally meet he discovers that he has been dooped.

Taking a chance he decides to give it a go with the replacement Kate.  Their trip has many ups and downs, but each of them discovers truths about themselves that they could have only learned from each other. As with any good story there are skeletons each of their closets.  Will they end their trips as good friends or passionate lovers?

The main characters are funny and believable. It is obvious that the author has visited all the place Jonathan and Kate travel to in this novel.  His descriptions are very vivid and compelling. I now want to go to Peru more than ever.

I didn’t like the pace of the story. It could have moved along a bit faster for my taste. The story is told from Jonathan and Kate’s point of view in first person alternating throughout the story. This made it a bit confusing at times, especially during the dialogue.

I gave this story four stars. I enjoyed the story and found myself laughing often. This is an odd but beautiful love story with a unusual ending. Here is an Indie author to watch.

This book is available in ebook on smashwords.

This book given free for review.


3 thoughts on “The Travel Auction by Mark Green-Book Review

  1. Hi Kimmie,
    A massive thank you for posting such a fantastic review for my first eBook: The Travel Auction.
    I’d been unable to secure a conventional publishing deal so I had hit a bit of a low point with my writing, but self publishing has lifted my confidence.

    I really appreciate you sparing the time to read and review my book, it’s brilliant to read positive feedback.
    Thanks again!

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