Book Review-Oasis by Bryce Beattie

This is a classic zombie tale with a few twist. I am not a zombie kind of girl, but it was interesting enough to keep me turning the page. If you like zombie stories you will love this one. The main character, Corbin St. Laurent works as an ER nurse and not surprisingly he stumbles upon the zombies in the fictional town of Oasis. Throughout the story he is constantly in trouble with someone or something. While this character was believable some of the supporting characters were rather cookie cutter.

The little town of Oasis is in the middle of the desert and the towns people are cut off from the rest of the world. This story expresses the type of small town thinking you may discover any where in the world. Essentially, everyone needs someone to blame. With fewer than a handful of people left, Corbin has to save them before the Zombies or the Government manages to kill them all. Through out the book he describes the zombies and other survivors expertly, but falls short when it comes to the main character. If he had described him earlier in the story, I think I would have understood why Corbin had so many problems with his fellow survivors.

I am happy that it had an ending I would have never seen coming. There is obviously a sequel to this book. I will most definitely read it because I can’t stand to not know the end of a story.

Overall, I gave this book  3 1/2 stars. I would have given it 4 stars, but the minor characters need more depth and diversity.

This book given free for review.


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