Book Review-Genesis File by Gwen Richardson

Lloyd Palmer, a reporter in Houston, Texas has lost sight of his original goals as a writer. He’s career gets a jump start after he is reminded by his mother that he has an obligation to the truth. During the course of doing his job, he stumbles upon a mysterious man who has connection to a tribe of legend. He is in awe of the man’s wisdom and finds himself drawn to the knowledge he holds. After researching the mystery man’s story he feels driven to write and publish a story about this African tribe.

Lloyd bumps heads with his racist boss when he approaches him about the types of stories the paper publishes. He has to make the decision to stand up for himself or possibly lose his job or do the right thing.  This story is riveting and compelling. I found my self fully engaged in the story,  connecting to the characters plight.

I found myself rooting for Lloyd and praying for his safety at the same time. Genesis File was a quick read due to the fact that I couldn’t stopping reading it. Gwen Richardson brilliant story telling makes this book phenomenal. I can’t wait to see what else she has up her literary sleeve. I would suggest this book to everyone and give it five stars.

This book was given free for review.


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