The Blood Moon Chronicles

Three young warriors, one of them with royal blood, will be born into the human race as natural enemies is the first line of the story, The Blood Moon Chronicles by June Spears.

This story begins in Athens with a teenager having what she believes to be a dream of that she soon discovers was very real. Eighteen years later proof that it wasn’t dream appears at her door.  Her daughter, Zelenia’s journey begins right after high school pulling everyone she holds dear along with her. Along the way she learns the cost of her new found powers and influence.

On her journey lives will be lost, love may be forsaken and friendships shaken destroyed.

The Blood Moon Chronicles is a quick read with an interesting story line. The story ran on a tight time line and many characters are introduced in a short span of time. I enjoyed the story but all the characters need more meat on them. Their lives are narrated without telling you a lot about them personally, including the main character. Although there is a clear antagonist portrayed here, I would like to have hated him more. I look forward to the next installment, maybe then the author will gives us more insight into the characters.

This is a good start for an up and coming author, with some editing this author has great potential. I am giving this book two and half stars and not three because it was hard to follow the story line at times and required a lot of back tracking to keep up with some of the characters, especially the ones whose names started with “Z.”

This Book given free for review.”


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