She was a Friend of Mines by Jasheem Wilson

“She was a Friend of Mines” is an urban tale about Scheyenne Iverson, an average thirteen year old girl leaving in East Palo Alto, California with her financial strapped but happy family. Everything seemes perfect in her life until her whole family is killed under horrible circumstances. Too young to cope, she mentally falls apart.

She gets her life together or so she thinks, only to find herself knocked down again and again. When she is old enough to take care of herself, she strikes out on her own looking for revenge for her family member’s death. After she finds out that her family may have lost their lives due to the drug game, she jumps in the drug world head first, in search of the person responsible for their deaths. Shi, as she is called finds herself married to the man who could be responsible for her whole family being murdered.. You can’t help but feel for Shi, praying that she finally finds the happiness she deserve. She has to make some hard decisions and difficult choices. There are a lot of plot twist here that keep you turning the page.

The characters are believable and draw you in to their world. I can’t help but wonder if the author wrote from personal experience. The storyline is well constructed and follows a well defined time line.

This is the first writing project for this author and has excellent potential. There were editing problems, but I still would recommend this book to readers. Overall, I give this book three and half stars. With proper editing I would give it a four.

This book is only available in e-book form.

This book given free for review.


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