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Let a Big Girl have a Say!!

My new year’s resolution was to lose weight among other things. Was your new years resolution to lose weight too?  I applauded you if this decision is based on the need to improve your health.  For the women who chose to lose weight because part of your resolution was to find a man, I have news for you.  It won’t work. 

As a healthcare professional I know how important it is to maintain a healthy weight.  Weight that is proportioned correctly to your height and gives you a body mass index less than 25 will decrease your chance of developing heart disease, diabetes and having a stroke.

So many of us believe that if we lose weight it will increase our chance of getting a man.  I will agree that outward appearance does attract men, especially the shallow ones.  I also realize no one wants to be alone.  My only problem with loosing weight to get a man is that you are still a fat girl stuck in a skinny girls body waiting for any crisis to push you over the edge and to a plate of chilly cheese fries.  You are now in a relationship with a man who doesn’t care about you life long struggle to maintain your weight and I assure you that he will not hesitate to criticize and ridicule you for that ten pounds that has inevitable found is way back to the onion booty he fell in love with.

With all that said, I need to point out that I too suffer with excess weight I am vigorously working to loss.  My biggest obstacle is I married a man who loves full-figured woman and fights my efforts to lose weight.  I have learned to diet quietly and have lost eleven pounds since the first of the year.  For those of you who aren’t so luck to have a man who loves you just as you are, I am sure you are wondering what I suggest.  Listed below are my suggestions for happiness, not weight loss.

1. Find a man who can appreciate a big girl, but is willing to support you in your effort to maintain a health weight that you can successfully keep up. 

2.  Look in the mirror and realize that your weight does not define you.  You do!  Until you accept yourself, you will never find a man who accept or want you.

3.  Stop dieting and start your weight lose journey with cutting out one thing that you know is unhealthy, such as the three Cokes you drink per day and replace it with sugar-free flavored water or diet pop if you can stand it.  How about the  snickers and chips you have hidden in your locker or desk at work?  Why not replace them with healthy snacks such as sun chips?  I know going cold turkey is hard, but start with cutting down on these nutritionally insufficient snacks, then continue adding more appropriate food choices, while eliminating the bad ones.

4.  Find away to do more physical activity.  I find it hard to work out as often as  I would like so I now park in the back of the parking lot so that I have to walk further when I go to work each day.

When you start to treat you body like it is important to you others will recognize you strength and confidence, drawing them to you.  Stop trying to mimic the images the fashion magazines project onto society.  These images have shackled women for far to long.  Most of us will never look like a model in magazine.  Let go of those old perceptions of what you need to look like so that a man will love you and start acting like you love yourself.  Trust me someone will notice.